Be surprised by the special underground edventures!

Costa Rica has more than 340 caves. The caves of Venado in Barra Honda, Guanacaste are perhaps the best known. The visit to a cave is very impressive. You imagine yourself in a totally different world. In the dark are the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites; beautiful rock columns of calcite that form in dripstone caves. A cave is often a home for a colony of bats and therefore an excellent place to admire and photograph this mammal. Into Nature takes you to a special cave off the beaten path.

The nature around this magical place in the jungle is breathtaking. The walk to and along a river in a berth gorge to reach this cave is fascinating. Within the cave you also walk along a river. The visit to this cave is only in the dry months from January to April. You can walk for about two hours through wide and narrow tunnels. A condition to visit this cave is that you do not have claustrophobia. This makes it one of our most adventurous trips.

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Best Seasons:December to april
Popular Location:Abrojo Montezuma, Corredores


    18 Days

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