Meet The Team

Mastering Teamwork to Inspire You on Your Dream Trip

Mario Montenegro

 Is a Costa Rica naturalist, nature photographer and founder of Into Nature. He was born in the jungle of Costa Rica, where he grew up like a small Tarzan, among the wild animals, lianas, rivers and close to the ocean. In his early years a bond was created between him and Mother Earth for the rest of his life. A bond that became complete with his study and work. In various projects he worked on the conservation of nature and endangered species. With development projects he supported the indigenous people. He also worked as a nature guide for travel agencies. His last venture was Tipi Jungla ecolodge, a successful accommodation in the jungle of Costa Rica, which was popular among Dutch nature lovers. Sharing unspoilt, authentic and pure nature remains his passion. He now shares this passion within Into Nature, a promising and inspiring path for travellers to discover the beauty of Costa Rica.

Manon Mebus

José Luken