Why Into Nature?

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Into Nature knows like no other when, where and what you can do in Costa Rica. The routes, activities and accommodations of our travel themes are carefully chosen based on our 40 years of experience and knowledge of the nature of Costa Rica. The most beautiful unspoiled waterfalls and deserted beaches, the best jungle and night walks, the most exciting kayak-trip or the place where you spot that animal in the wild.


We are a fully independent travel agency. With our expertise, together with our guides and partners, we develop and organize all the details of your trip to Costa Rica. We never book tours through agents or other agencies, as almost all travel agencies do. Our expertise starts with our 'window to the world', the web page we built ourselves. You see beautiful images made by the cameras of Into Nature and its partners.


Our price-quality ratio is excellent, you will get more out of your holiday in Costa Rica with us than with other travel agencies. Because your holiday is more fun, simple, authentic and pure. Sustainability does not always have to be more expensive. We know how to travel in Costa Rica in a sustainable and affordable way. Because we are a small scale agency and work directly with partners, you pay no extra costs to third parties.


Sustainability is one of our environmental commitment. At Into Nature we strive for an optimal sustainable travel through Costa Rica where the three P's: People, Planet, Profit are in balance with each other. A responsible travel program with accommodations, routes and activities that leave a small footprint in nature and support the local population. In this way, we also prevent our visit from having a negative effect on fragile places. Because the Into Nature knows better than anyone that sustainable eco-tourism is possible. We love to give you more information about sustainable traveling.


We avoid the busy tourist highlights and choose alternative locations, quiet national parks and routes. Discovering the hidden jewels in nature and experiencing unique jungle moments to share with you is our mission. It's all about authenticity and the pure experience, not about commercial agreements with tour operators or hotels. For example, Into Nature does not take its guests to the busy beach of Tortuguero to see sea turtles come ashore, but to a more authentic location where turtles can lay their eggs undisturbed. Some addresses are kept secret by Into Nature.


Quality over quantity also applies to the activities. We only offer them if we are sure that they do not cause any damage to nature. In our opinion, animals should never be a suffering object an activities that take place in big groups can never be satisfactory. Imagine walking on a narrow path in the rainforest, together with 20 other travellers. Footsteps and voices drown out the jungle sounds and the animals are scared and gone before you can see them. With so much human company, that quiet feeling of wonder and awe is lost. Various activities are exclusive of Into Nature.


Into Nature is a group of real experts, in Tourism and Nature, from organizer to guide, from contact and advice with you to make a dream trip. A team with talent, inspiration, specialism and professionalism ready for your vacation wishes. We know that a successful nature adventure requires an excellent guide. Our guides are experienced and passionate people who have lost their hearts in their job.


The Into Nature team has a special connection with nature. We lived, studied, worked, travelled in and for nature in Costa Rica. Our guides are passionate, qualified biologists or wildlife specialists. The philosophy and vision of our travel agency is about discovering, conservation and sharing the green beauty of Costa Rica through traveling in a sustainable way. This is our greatest challenge.


Quality always takes precedence over quantity. We focus on the quality of activities and stays instead of quantity. We know that meaningful nature encounters can only take place in small groups. Therefore, the maximum group size is 7 travellers. The nature in Costa Rica is quite fragile. This not only guarantees a large chance of personal close-up encounters with animals in the wild, the experience is authentic.


We stay in small-scale, authentic eco-accommodations. Often they are in the middle or close to the jungle or owners are local people or serve as research places for biologists. This contributes enormously to the natural experience of the country. In our travel program you will not find eco-hotels where eco is only used to attract tourism. We do all of this to get the most out of your trip and to minimize the impact on nature.


Answering to the demand from people willing to see as much as possible in a short holiday, we recognize other travel agencies offering multiple-country trips. Into Nature focuses on Costa Rica only: even in a year you cannot visit all the nature in Costa Rica. It does not go on a race against time, but to enjoy it with peace and relaxation every day and every moment. It's not about quantity what you see and enjoy but about quality.


Into Nature is a new, but reliable travel organization with a permanent address in the Netherlands. Personal contact is important to us, since it’s the only way to find out your ideas and wishes for your dream stay in Costa Rica. Let’s get in touch and define your perfect tour! You can contact us via email or phone. You can follow us and respond to our messages via our social media.

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